Is your judgement of others impeding on your ability to grow, love and be happy?

On the liberating experience of releasing judgement from your life

  1. Catch the judgement (Hint: when you start feeling that you are right and they are wrong: they are wearing the “wrong” outfit, or that they are being “whatever names come to your mind”: jerks, arrogant, too this, too that , too emotional, not enough… any of that is judgement)
  2. Forgive yourself immediately for this fast judgement (i.e. don’t bring an additional judgement to yourself for having judged another being).
  3. Use any technique that helps you get back to your body: Take a few deep breaths, move your eyes slowly around the room you are in, reconnect to your senses: touch, taste, smell, sight or hearing…
  4. Feel what is there to be felt — powerlessness, inferiority, sadness, fear, the part of you you are not acknowledging or accepting… Feel the pain, and let it move through. Take your time, become conscious of every moment, this is an important step.
  5. Bring the intention to let it go. Breathe, decide to let it go and let it go.
  6. Reframe: Cognitively recognize that you might have made an error in judgement. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are judging. Reframe the positive intention from the person(s) or situation you judged.
  7. Choose LOVE/Compassion/understanding/humour. Repeat out loud or internally a mantra: I am choosing to love over fear. I am choosing to love over fear…. Give yourself permission to feel loved, to feel love, to feel good enough.
  8. And only if needed, from this state of mind, if there is a way to respond to the situation, and not react, take action, speak your mind — in a loving respectful way.



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Dorothee Marossero

Transformational coach, International Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. I believe to heal we need to reconnect to our bodies, our emotions, our natural self.